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You buy the land, you pay all invoices, but we do all the work. Blumer Homes will take care of permits, demolition of old home, design and plans. On your behalf we hire trades and arrange purchase of all materials from our suppliers. You pay builder's cost for everything.


We don't do cost-plus, because we don't want to be invested in your project costing more than anticipated. Instead we estimate 10% of construction cost and that becomes our fee. There is typically, however, a minimum fee of $50,000 for a detached home and $70,000 for semi-detached.


This is the least expensive way to build.






3) Mortgage Draw


Your bank provides you mortgage draws which come to us at various stages of construction. We pay invoices.

1) We finance
2) Project Management

Three Ways to Build

We buy the lot and pay for all the construction. But because this means we tie up our credit and capital, this is the most expensive way to build.

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