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About Us

Blumer Homes is a Calgary based builder with an unwavering commitment to quality, detail and customer service. For 25+ years, Blumer Homes have built unique custom homes that are a source of pride for years to come, ranging from a modest price-point to price-is-no-object.

From the unique layout, exterior and interior designs to our craftsmen integrity, Blumer Homes offers customers "the personal touch" that many large builders cannot.

Additionally, Blumer Homes can build homes for well-under market value, creating a great investment opportunity for home-owners and investors alike. 

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Steve Blumer,

Steve Blumer has over 30 years of experience planning, designing and building customer homes in Calgary and surrounding area, as well as Fort McMurray, Strathmore and more.

Steve's unique layout designs offer aesthetic appeal, as well as space efficiency and functional excellence. 

Steve enjoys designing custom plans with his customers and working within their perimeters of requirements, taste and budget.

Steve project manages and leads a team of managers and supervisors to ensure high quality results in every build.

Rosanne Fleury,

Rosanne Fleury has a Masters in Design and over 20 years of focus on customer-centric design.  Rosanne works with Blumer Homes in both exterior elevation design and interior design elements such as unique kitchens, bathrooms and feature walls.

Rosanne is glad to discuss design options with customers, to offer customers a personalized space that they love.

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